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Eliminate technical bottlenecks, and lack of industrial know-how by enrolling for


Mushin Technical Incubator  MinTI , bridges the gap between a startup's whiteboard and an industry ready product

Are you a startup?
  • Do you have an awesome idea?

  • Maybe a new gadget, or is it the next revolution in healthcare?

  • Or maybe the next popular app!

  • We provide startups with technical know-how to convert their ideas into actual market ready products

Don't have the skills to build it? MinTI can ...
  • Provide mentor-ship from industrial experts

  • Give design insights and optimizations to make your products market ready

  • Arrange skill enhancement trainings, and seminars with leaders from across the industry

  • Help you ideate, research, design and prototype your products

Want to be a MinTI member?

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