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The  MUSHIN  story ...

Mushin Innovation Labs Private Limited was founded in 2019 by a bunch of industrial designers, freelancers and engineers.

These guys were the quintessential corporate employees.

While working for the big names in business, they enjoyed the process of product creation, and mentoring it from workbench to the market.

But like most nerds, a specific type of company, similar kind of products, limited and restricted markets, led them to boredom and Mushin Innovation Labs was born.

They brought with them their 20+ years of industrial experience into this young company.

This creative mindset, love for the process of creation, explorer attitude and our personal touch to your dream projects, is what makes Mushin different from others.

Our fresh approach, experienced team, and effective project management strategies allow us to effectively deliver and satisfactorily meet the automation, design, development and consultancy requirements of our clients.

Here, at Mushin, we strive to use technology, in innovative and creative ways to develop products and solutions which not only solve complex problems, but also create value and make a difference in our lives.

Our Anthem: Innovate. Create. Repeat.

We firmly  BELIEVE  ...

  • Our first customer is ourselves, quality > quantity

  • Customer support, leads to complete customer satisfaction

  • Good work, takes time

  • Profits come from happy ​customers and employees

  • We impact lives, not careers

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